Monday, November 19, 2012

Mouthpiece: Can we fix it??? Yes we CAN!

I'm in brass lab, now! And have been for about 4 weeks... We have been kept very busy with lots of projects to do. Polishing burnishers, another lathe project, buffing and dent practice to name just a few. So far I'm loving it! My crafty side is thriving on all the cosmetic work we get to do. One of the first things we did was to rehab a mouthpiece. Each of us was handed one at random, either trumpet or trombone, to whip back into shape. Here's how mine turned out, step by step.

Here's the mouthpiece in it's original state! Check out the dented shank, and big ole' cornflake of crud on the inside!

Plenty of tarnish, too. We had the option to scrub it out with a vineagar and soap solution, or to chem clean it. With the scale and crud, I chose chem flush, finishing with silver dip.

Post chem room: much better!

To bring the dented shank back to round, I tapped the end on a tapered drift punch, since the arbors we had weren't quite the right size or taper.

When I tested the shank in a shortened receiver, it was still wobbly. I had made the end of the shank round again, but the side of the shank near the end was a bit uneven. To get rid of the wobble, I tapped a dent ball in to the backbore to bring the end out a bit wider. The receiver prevented any flaring.
Removing the wobble, striking on the small dent ball-holder I made on the lathe.

Besides not fitting the arbors, turns out the mouthpiece was also too big to fit in my bench motor, so I went to the mini lathe to spin-polish.
Oooo, shiny!

 Since my mouthpiece had some dings and scratches in the rim, I burnished it while spinning it on the lathe. Unfortunately, due to improper bracing and the slippery nature of spin-burnishing, I had a minor boo-boo. Or, as a my bench partner put it, "punched the lathe."
Of course, this picture was taken without the lathe on. Safety first! See the band-aid? It pays to be careful when pushing with heavy force against the rim. Lesson learned, set up right and respect your tools! Accidents happen.

Ta-da! The finished product! Trued-up, shiny, clean, and smooth.

Check in again soon for more!