Saturday, September 7, 2013

UPDATE! ('bout time...)

Just a quick update, since I thought of it, and since I had a couple minutes before work. It has been so long since I posted because I:

  • finished school - Yay!
  • moved from Red Wing to Coon Rapids to Minneapolis
  • started 3 new jobs at once, one of which is setting up my own shop in the twin cities' suburb of Osseo!
So I will be bringing more posts soon, when I have time between jobs and back-to-school repairs. What it was like to set up the shop, what I'm still setting up, what I'm learning, and most exciting--what I'm fixing!!! So far, things are going very well.

P.S. I bought a lathe :)


  1. Good to hear you are busy, Melanie. I look forward to details of your new profession, e.g. has your new lathe flung anything back at you yet?

  2. Thankfully the only thing that's been flung back at me is a vertical stripe of packing grease and leftover WD-40! Missed some inside the chuck.